Watch: Adam Prince King – “Witches”

New track “Witches” ushers in the spookiest of seasons in manner at once dream-like and punchy. With its unnerving vocal effects and a chorus that will be inked indelibly on your brain, it’s no wonder the Los Angeles-based label Little Assembly have already snatched him up.

King has a way with the simplest of words, playing with rhyme and rhythm to intoxicate you with hypnotic ease. His lyrics are central to the trance-like feel of “Witches”, with distorted vocals, weighty bass, and the snap and hiss of ritualistic electronic percussion completing the eerie picture. It’s a track that defies categorisation; not a dance track, despite its reliance on sounds often found in that genre; hardly a pop track, in spite of that euphoric chorus. King’s self-production allows all his little quirks to shine through in the finished product, which is all the more alluring for not having its creases ironed all the way out.

“Witches” follows King’s debut release “Flamingos” earlier this month. It is the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming eponymous debut EP, set to be out by the end of the year.

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