Review: Bully – “Feels Like”

Birthed from the grimy Nashville scene that birthed similar retro-gazing scuzz-pop acts Diarrhea Planet and Jeff the Brotherhood, Alicia Bognanno was a former intern at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studios, and she was born the year between Doolittle and Nevermind. By … Continue Reading →

in colour

Review: Jamie xx – “In Colour”

When the xx released their debut album in 2009, its icy minimalism was met with worldwide critical acclaim. Combining a range of styles (post-punk, dubstep, R&B, indie pop) and stripping each to its barest … Continue Reading →


Review: And So I Watch You From Afar – “Heirs”

Group chants, twisted guitar shreds, and an apparently perpetual frantic vigour. Sound familiar? For followers of Belfast’s And So I Watch You From Afar, this ought to echo emphatically; have … Continue Reading →


Review: Ought – “More Than Any Other Day”

Despite forming Ought two years ago as university students, vocalist/guitarist Tim Beeler, keyboardist Matt May, bassist Ben Stidworthy and drummer /violinist Tim Keen have already cultivated a definitive identity and … Continue Reading →


Review: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – “Wig Out At Jagbags”

Once you’ve established a publicly accepted identity, is winning over new fans even possible? Pop culturally speaking, the longer a show, book, band or movie has been in existence, especially … Continue Reading →


Review: Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”

“Reflektor” is Arcade Fire’s “OK Computer” Though I just have anecdotal evidence to support the claim, I suspect more than a few Arcade Fire fans have been wringing their hands … Continue Reading →


Review: Lorde – “Pure Heroine”

Just when we thought we had the modern music industry all figured out, Lorde comes along and flips the conventional wisdom on its head. Yes, we’ve seen artists with similar stories … Continue Reading →


Review: Kings of Leon – “Mechanical Bull”

You simply cannot fulfill all the stereotypes of being a World-Famous Rock Band without facing some kind of internal crisis, and so, between their 2011 tour and the recording of … Continue Reading →


Review: Volcano Choir – “Repave”

With a distinctive voice that flows like centuries-old water finding its way through cracks, Justin Vernon forgoes another Bon Iver album in favor of, Repave, his second outing as the lead … Continue Reading →


Review: King Krule – “6 Feet Beneath The Moon”

Ginger. Paper-thin. Young. These might be the words that first spring to mind when you see a photograph of 19-year-old Archy Marshall, who goes by his stage-moniker King Krule on … Continue Reading →