The Star Wars cantina song like you’ve never heard it before

Danish musical act and recycling enthusiasts The Bottle Boys are so excited about the upcoming release of The Force Awakens that they decided to use their unique skill set to re-imagine the cantina scene … Continue Reading →


Minecraft film to be directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenney

Following LEGO’s successful foray into film, another block-based franchise will dip its block-shaped toes into Hollywood’s waters, with some help from the creator of a hit comedy television show. Minecraft, the runaway smash … Continue Reading →


Listen: Camper Van Beethoven – “Long Way To Go (Sharknado)”

The third entry in SyFy’s hugely successful Sharknado series is premiering tomorrow, and yeah, it’s about the same characters escaping from yet another sharknado (which, if you don’t know, is exactly what … Continue Reading →

Road Wars

Bualadh Bos! Internet: Inevitable Star Wars/Mad Max mashup has arrived, and it’s impressive

It was seemingly unavoidable. With all of the other mashups, fan edits, and remixes that people have derived from Mad Max: Fury Road, it was only a matter of time before Star … Continue Reading →

Truffle Butter Shuffle

Bualadh Bos! Internet: Chunk does the Truffle Butter Shuffle in this Goonies/Nicki Minaj remix

It’s been 30 years since Mikey and the gang saved the Goondocks thanks to stolen pirate treasure in Richard Donner’s The Goonies. Since then there has been endless speculation about a … Continue Reading →

David Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor” music video

Go back in time to fight Hitler with David Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor” music video

If one is going back in time to fight a kung fu Hitler, one will probably need a kickass theme song to accompany one. And who better to deliver that … Continue Reading →